Alison North has been an international information professional for over 40 years, managing her own consultancy company since 1986. Over her career she has guided many different organisations in the development and implementation of low risk and defensible information management programmes. Her approach is practical and to the point delivering clarity, compliance and consistency from boardroom to basement.  Her training courses are inclusive and facilitate attendees in discussion on the challenges that they have in delivering their information management objectives within the framework of their business.

Alison is author of Managing Records Retention and Disposal (2009 UK Edition and 2011 US Edition). She was honoured by the Information and Records Management Society in 2010 with a Lifetime Achievement Award.  She is ARMA’s International Ambassador. She has recently been called upon by the California Public Utilities Commission to act as an expert witness in the field of records management in the investigation into the San Bruno Pipeline Rupture and Fire Incident that cost 8 people their lives in September 2010.

Alison is Patron of the IRMS New Professionals Award believing passionately in helping people as they start their career.

Alison is Chairman of the charity The Friends of Charing Cross Hospital – www.friendscxh.org.uk

You can learn more about Alison

http://uk.linkedin.com/in/alisonnorth/  or follow her on twitter @alison8north